Municipality of Port Hope seeking Applications for Community Grants Program – Canada

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Municipality of Port Hope seeking Applications for Community Grants Program – Canada

Deadline: 09-Oct-20

The Municipality of Port Hope is seeking applications to provide financial support to non-profit organizations and registered charities through annual community grant program.

Apply for the grant

Please complete the Community Grant Application and the Community Grant Financials and submit them along with all required documents by emailing or drop it off in the Municipal drop box on the front door of Town Hall located at 56 Queen Street.
Applications are available on or before the first week of September each year. You will need to submit your complete application by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, October 9, 2020.
Funding Information

They only accept application requests of $1,000 or more.
Eligibility Criteria

Community grants support non-profit volunteer community organizations and registered charities. To be considered, your organization must:

Initiate or deliver programs and services to the citizens of Port Hope
Provide events of Municipal, Provincial or National significance, which could be expected to bring economic, and/or public relations benefit to the Municipality
Provide programs and services to address any urgent and pressing events and natural disasters (i.e., fire, flood, earthquake)
Initiate programs or services for individuals, groups or teams who require assistance to participate in recognized regional, provincial, national or international championships
In order to receive the grant, your organization must request funds for:

General operating and capital expenses including administrative costs and program-related expenses
Activities/functions generally occurring within the Municipality of Port Hope boundaries
Programs/activities/functions addressing a community need, responding to an underserviced demand or contributing to the positive image of the Municipality

Each organization submitting an application is required to provide:

Information about the organization and its programs or services;
A statement of the organization’s goals and objectives;
A description of how the organization intends to measure the success of the program or service if the funding request is approved;
Demonstrated need for financial assistance as evidenced by a deficit on the income statement for the event or program being hosted;
Income statement and balance sheets of the organization;
If organizations are requesting grant funding for a specific event/project, they must provide an additional income statement and balance sheet;
Audited financial statements for the previous year, if available;
There is community support for the programs or services;
Adequate funding for the programs or services is not available from other sources;
It is presently exploring, or has fully explored, the potential funding from other sources, from other levels of government, the private sector, memberships, donations and fundraising activities;
Efforts have been made to decrease reliance on Municipal funding so other emerging needs or opportunities may be met; and
If a grant was received in the preceding year, the Municipalities financial support was acknowledged in all information pertaining to activities for which funds were granted per the policy.

The following restrictions apply:

Organizations can only submit one community grant application per year
If the programs or services proposed in the organization’s application are not completed or there are left over Municipal funds, such Municipality funds will be returned to the Municipality
If you receive a grant one year, that doesn’t mean you will receive a grant in future years
Funding is provided only for the sole purpose for which it was awarded within the current fiscal year
The Community Grant program isn’t intended to provide funding:

On a retroactive basis for events that have already occurred
To coalitions such as ratepayer or tenant/landlord associations, or to support programs or services geared specifically to these organizations
To organizations aligned with any political party, or to support programs or services which are political in nature
To support programs or services which are operated under the authority of another level of government, such as social services
As donations to charitable causes
As a replacement for other funding sources
For debt retirement
To an applicant that has an overdue amount owing to the Municipality of Port Hope
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