PSF announces Call for Concept Notes for Transformative Projects Contributing Gender Equality (Myanmar)

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PSF announces Call for Concept Notes for Transformative Projects Contributing Gender Equality (Myanmar)

Deadline: 31 December 2019

Paung Sie Facility (PSF) is seeking concept notes for Transformative Projects that will contribute to gender equality in Myanmar.

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The PSF understands a cohesive society as working towards the wellbeing of all, creates a sense of belonging, promotes trust, and offers everyone the opportunity to prosper and advance peacefully. The Paung Sie Facility provides financial and technical support to  partners ​to build a more socially cohesive Myanmar.


PSF is calling for concept notes responding to two areas of programming on gender equality and social cohesion:

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  • Transformative masculinities;
  • Gender transformative programming in social cohesion.

The following areas for programming on masculinities in the context of social cohesion or peacebuilding are of interest:

  • Fatherhood (and the role of men in care work for family and community);
  • Work with religious leaders and communities on masculinities;
  • Engaging men as allies in social norm change and bystander intervention;
  • Transformative masculinities and non-violence, including relating to conflict management;
  • Structural and systemic analysis of men’s attitudes, beliefs and practices around gender equality in Myanmar.


All applications must respond to PSF’s ToC which prioritises:

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  • Mitigating Conflict: Helping individuals and groups to understand, prevent and respond to conflict and violence, mainly at the local level;
  • Catalyzing Leadership: Supporting current and future leaders to understand and respond to conflict and violence, from the grassroots to top-level, including by promoting more equality and diversity;
  • Influencing structures: Encouraging greater sensitivity to gender equality and shifting discriminatory norms, policy and practice by government actors, communities, institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

  • PSF also welcome applications with a different focus if they are able to clearly articulate how their approach to transformative masculinities will contribute to social cohesion in Myanmar;
  • PSF invite applications that test new ideas and encourage learning on what works to explore and promote transformative masculinities in Myanmar;
  • PSF invite applications that test new ideas and encourage learning on what works to implement gender transformative programming in social cohesion in Myanmar;
  • PSF invite applications that are locally informed and driven, that respond and seek to transform inequality and discrimination based on gender and may include (but not limited to) aspects of the Women, Peace and Security agenda (participation, prevention of violence, protection, and relief and recovery) ;
  • Applicants must apply for one of the two strands mentioned in the call: either
    • Transformative Masculinities or;
    • Gender Transformative Programming in Social Cohesion.
  • Applicants should set out their own understanding of the challenges and creative solutions to them;
  • Applicants are invited to consider how they would help achieve progress in one or more of the areas identified in the ToC but PSF is receptive to strong arguments for other ideas.
  • They encourage applicants to propose locations which are relevant to clearly articulated causes or sources of exclusionary norms or practices, or where there are sites of possible progress, for example, attached to recent or imminent policy or practice decisions;
  • All applicants must embed and demonstrate conflict sensitivity in their approaches.

Eligible Country: Myanmar

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