IFAD CFPs: Advancing Technologies and Capacity Building for Climate-smart Aquaculture

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IFAD CFPs: Advancing Technologies and Capacity Building for Climate-smart Aquaculture

Deadline: 6 August 2018

IFAD is seeking proposals for its programme entitled “Advancing Technologies and Capacity Building for Climate-smart Aquaculture” to support adaptive research, technology transfer and piloting climate smart aquaculture technologies and good practices.

It will support capacity building in technologies for national aquaculture research and extension agencies in the targeted countries (Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt) and produce and disseminate knowledge materials to facilitate learning and uptake of technologies and good practices by farmers.

IFAD aims to build the knowledge base for sustainable aquaculture and has developed guidelines for integrating climate change into IFAD fisheries and aquaculture programmes. There are gaps in the technical skills, technologies and good practices that can help IFAD programmes to respond more effectively to climate change and water-related challenges.

This 3-year project addresses some of these gaps, particular in relation to:

  • Stagnated technologies and practices
  • Low technical capacity and skills in some of IFAD member countries
  • Lack of aquaculture extension models.

Funding Information

  • The IFAD grant amount is up to  USD 1,000,000. Co-financing (in-cash and/or in-kind) of the IFAD grant-financing amount provided by the applicant and any additional co-financing is part of the selection criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

  • With this open call, IFAD is inviting interested institutions to submit a proposal. Each institution can decide to submit alone or jointly as a consortium with other partner(s); in that case, the lead institution – who will enter into a legal agreement with IFAD – should be clearly identified and roles and responsibilities of the other partners be explicitly stated within the submitted proposal.
  • The recipient can be an inter-governmental organization (including UN agencies and CGIAR centres), a civil society organization (including NGOs), an academic/ research institution or a private sector entity.
  • In case of a consortium, an organization can join more than one consortium but can be leading only in one of them. The recipient must demonstrate a strong focus, experience and expertise on fisheries or aquaculture research and development.
  • As evidence of sufficient experience, the grant recipient should have managed or involved in the implementation of at least one agricultural/fisheries/aquaculture related programme involving at least two countries and multiple stakeholders (Government, NGOs, farmers etc.).
  • Additionally the grant recipient or a member of their consortium should have at least two years’ experience in aquaculture related research.

How to Apply

  • All proposals and communications can be submitted to the given addresses on the website.
  • Only MS-Word and PDF formats will be accepted. File size cannot exceed 5 Mb.

For further information, please visit IFAD.

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