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COOPI recruits 01 Regional Administrator

COOPI recruits 01 Regional Administrator


COOPI is looking for a Regional Administrator in Nairobi.

The Regional Administrator ensures under his/her own responsability the coordination, management, training and support for all administrative activities carried out at Regional Coordination level in the area (Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, Malawi, Ethiopia).

Direct referees to: Regional Coordinator.




  • He/she cooperates the new budget of a project in conformity to the plan and to the sustainability of the Regional Coordination.


  • In the beginning of the project, he/she receives the procurement plan from the Project Manager through Country Administrator, he/she verifies the congruency of this plan to the budget and necessary procedures, then he/she upload it into the internal data base.
  • Once requested to the Headquarter, he/she receives the Italian Costs of the area of his/her competences and he/she will send it to the Country Administrator.
  • He/she carries out the monitoring of procurement’s development.
  • He/she makes sure of a continuous congruity between the project and country’s accountability, verifying the coherency between accountability and internal documents.
  • He/she verifies and monitors grants to receive.


  • He/she participates to the selection process of candidates: interviews, tests and final evaluation.
  • He/she evaluates the Country and Project Administrator at the end of the contract.


  • He/she verifies the correct and complete of data compilation of each country regarding the balance and data transmission to the Headquarter.


  • He/she plans and monitors the time taken to produce reports to represent in Italy and abroad, specifically in his/her area of competence.
  • He/she verifies and approves the interim and final reports that are made on site. He/she finalizes and approves the final reports that should be transmitted by Milan. He/she completes the project reconciliation.
  • He/she supports the audit activities in the Headquarter for his/her countries of reference.
  • He/she verifies and analyses reconciliation.


  • He/she provides support in the preparation of the annual country budget.
  • He/she prepares the Regional budget and its periodical monitoring.
  • He/she supports the work’s organisation of the Country Administrators by providing work instructions (priorities, forms).
  • He/she ensures the sustainability of the Regional coordination and the discharge Headquarter’s services.
  • He/she prepares and verifies the account and the administrative data requested by the Headquarter.
  • He/she verifies that periodical monitoring are activate in the financial aspects of each country of his/her competence.
  • He/she updates data for the elaboration of budget sheets.



As a key member of the Regional Coordination Team, the post holder will be required to ensure the regional finance management, HR management and administration are in line with COOPI HQ policies and guidelines and local legislation. He/she has also to ensure that program quality is of organizational standards, support the procurement, marketing and funding processes of the program, through management of funding proposals and of timely and accurate donor reports.



  • University degree in Social Sciences, Business or Technical Sciences;
  • A minimum of five years of relevant working experience;
  • At least three years of demonstrated successful experience in international relief and development in African countries in a similar position;
  • Knowledge of the main international donors (ex. EU, ECHO, UN Agencies);
  • Experience in logistics, procurement and security matters;
  • Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication, negotiation skills, multi-tasking and organizational skills;
  • Proven capacity to work in a team;
  • Experience in liaising with governmental/local authorities, IOs and NGOs;
  • Demonstrated ability to work in stressful environments and under pressure;
  • Fluency in English language;
  • Computer literate.


  • Previous experience in COOPI overseas;
  • Knowledge of the Italian Language;
  • Experience in managing staff;
  • Experience in working in conflict-prone environments.


We reserve the right to close the vacancy prior to the application closing date, once a sufficient number of applications have been received.

COOPI is an international non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit organization created in 1965. Founded in Milan by Vincenzo Barbieri, its goal is to assist populations hit by emergency in favouring their civil, economic and social development. After 7years of conflict, the security and humanitarian situation in Syria has become worse and worse. The conflict has caused significant internal displacement and a massive damage to homes, schools, hospitals and many other infrastructures, leaving millions of people in need of assistance. Among the most relevant figures to represent the concerns, the following ones are encountered: 13.1mln of persons in need; 5,6mln in acute need; 8.2mln of persons at risk of incurring in explosive hazards; 6,5mln of persons are food insecure, 30% of children out of school; 5,6mln refugees; 6,1mln Internally Displaced Persons.

Ville Nairobi with missions in other Eastern African countries
Experience 5 à 10 ans
Fonctions Direction et administration
Secteurs d’activité Autre
Pays Afrique, Kenya
Postuler en ligne https://coopi.org/en/job-position.html?id=3670&view=2
Date de fin de validité 29/07/2019


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