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Ideas to inspire you for your wedding food

Saying yes to the perfect dress, choosing the dreamiest rings, selecting the colour palette you will be using at your wedding reception, these are all things that seem to be the easy ones from the wedding planning if you compare them with hosting many guests and keeping them satisfied all party long, right?

Thinking about what food and drinks to serve is not only for you, as the dress or suit can be, it is for every single one of your guests. And the perfect wedding is also a special moment for the people we choose to share it with. For that reason, here is a list of food ideas inspiration you can use to give your creativity a break for once.

Things to consider

Coming up with the perfect wedding menu is a tricky business and it is not only about the food. Behind the food choice, there are some things you should pay attention to first. For example, make sure you know about any possible limitations the kitchen at the venue may have, specially if you are hiring an in-house catering service.

Whether you choose to hire an in-house catering or an outside vendor, make sure they offer a wide variety of options considering your guests could have specific diets. For example, vegetarian or vegan options are now a must in every reception.

If you are planning your wedding on a budget and you and your close ones are in charge of that matter, prioritise variety over luxury. It is better to offer simple, but varied food over a few gourmet options. Think your guests are joining to celebrate your wedding, but they will want to feel pleased and food is the first thing they will pay attention to.

Food ideas

Buffet ideas

Buffets are both trendy and convenient. Having food stations will allow you to spare all the waitresses and will make the wedding a more interactive one. Buffets offer guests the possibility of choosing and serving as many times as they want. Choose the most appropriate ones according to your wedding theme, but here are some general ideas:

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  • Waffle bar.
  • Pizza bar.
  • Taco table
  • Pasta bar.
  • Salad bar.

They all offer the possibility of having variety on your plate and it will guarantee that every guest has what they really want to eat instead of having just what they were served.

Finger food

If you are having a more relaxed, casual wedding or if you plan to have more than one course meal, finger food can be a great ally. You could serve this type of food as an entreé as your guests wait for your entrance and are able to sit down and wait for the main course.

In this case, consider having options like bruschetta, sliders, sandwiches and one-bite food. Veggie roll-ups work just fine and you could also serve gnocchi with tomato sauce in small bowls (check this link to get more inspo on pasta as entreé olivieri.ca/gnocchi-recipes/). Flat bread, french fries in a cone and meatballs are also great options.

Main course on a budget

Contrary to what many people believe, main courses don’t need to be all luxurious and fancy. Actually, it is a fact that the more gourmet a dish is, the less accepted it is by guests. Sometimes, it is better to have traditional options that you know are popular among your people than to spend time and money on bon vivant food just a few will enjoy.

Some popular and money-saving options can be:

  • Chicken and rice.
  • Spaghetti (you could offer a variety of sauces).
  • Fish and chips.
  • Vegan or meat tacos.

How to decide

Are you still unsure of what and how to choose the perfect menu? Try combining two things. First of all, take into account what you as a couple like and enjoy. After all, it is your wedding and you will want to enjoy the food you serve.

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As for your guests, consider there are plenty of virtual and interactive save-the-dates where they can confirm their assistance to the wedding. In this sense, you could make the most out of those to ask them what they would rather have from a list of pre-selected options. Democracy has proven quite efficient and it will definitely give you a deeper insight into their taste and choices. Make sure the save-the-date has a tight response deadline and you will be just fine!


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