Future For Nature (FFN) Awards 2021 for Young Nature Conservationists (up to €50,000)

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Future For Nature (FFN) Awards 2021 for Young Nature Conservationists (up to €50,000)

Are you a young, talented, and energetic nature conservationist committed to protecting species of wild animals and plants? Do you combine passion with action to create concrete results in nature conservation? Apply for the Future For Nature (FFN) Awards 2021!

The Future For Nature Award is a prestigious international award that celebrates tangible achievements in protecting wild animal and plant species. Each year Future For Nature awards 3 young, talented, and ambitious nature conservationists through the Future For Nature Awards.

The Future For Nature aims to:



  • The candidate:
    • Must be born on or after May 31, 1985 and before May 31, 2002.
    • Has demonstrated commitment, determination and passion for conservation work.
    • Has demonstrated to be honourable in the conservation work performed.
    • Must be determined to continue his/her conservation work, as the Award aims to stimulate the winner’s future work. It is not an “end of career” prize.
    • Is able to explain his/her conservation work in proficient English (written and spoken).


From all applications 6 to 10 nominees will be selected. These applicants will be asked to provide additional information (written info, photos, video), which will be used to select the final three Award.

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