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U.S. Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina: Interethnic Reconciliation and Youth Camps Grants Program

U.s. Mission To Bosnia And Herzegovina: Interethnic Reconciliation And Youth Camps Grants Program

U.S. Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina: Interethnic Reconciliation and Youth Camps Grants Program

Deadline: 5-Mar-21

The United States Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, through the Office of Public Affairs, is pleased to announce a Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Interethnic Reconciliation and Youth (IERY) Camps Grants Program to support initiatives with the primary goal of promoting peacebuilding, interethnic and intercommunity exchange, collaboration, and joint projects.

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The program is seeking projects and initiatives that enable youth continuous skill development while cohabitating for at least 4 consecutive nights in a camp setting with a goal of clearly developing increased tolerance and cooperation between the ethnically and geographically diverse communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Proposals should engage youth who have had no prior access to similar initiatives, belonging to at least one of two specific age ranges: a. ages 10-17 or b. ages 18-25. The Embassy welcomes all innovative proposals aimed at peacebuilding, promoting interethnic engagement, reconciliation, and cooperation among youth belonging to different ethnic groups.

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Science, Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment Initiatives Connecting Divided Communities: Bringing together neighboring or nearby communities that have had little contact since the war to improve youth employability by skill development.
Fractured Education/Two Schools under One Roof:Working with parents and students in schools across entity/ethnic lines to address issues that divide students along ethnic lines. These projects should help remove obstacles to integration in education.
Restoring Dignity to War Victims:Projects that involve youth in activities to restore dignity to victims of war and survivors of sexual violence and/or imprisonment camps from all ethnic groups.
Projects combating disinformation:Bringing young people together across ethnic lines to develop critical thinking, media literacy skills to combat disinformation.
Marginalized Groups: Projects that promote cooperation among marginalized minority groups from different ethnic communities, including (but not limited to) displaced persons, persons with disabilities, socio-economically disadvantaged persons, LGBT persons, Roma, and others.
Funding Information

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Length of Performance Period: 12 months;
Number of Awards Anticipated: At least 5 depending on the amount of each grant;
Award Amounts: Awards may range from USD 5,000 to USD 50,000;
Total Available Funding: USD 250,000.
Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply: Non-government, non-profit organizations (including think tanks, civil society organizations), educational and cultural institutions and independent media that are based and legally registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina are eligible to apply. American or other country organizations and individuals are not eligible for grants under this program. Grants are generally awarded only to organizations.
Other eligibility requirements: All organizations must have DUNS unique entity identifier and a valid registration on before their projects proposals can be funded. Organization must obtain a DUNS number and SAM registration in order to receive funding.
Proposals from prior grantees: Organizations may only submit one proposal and must choose whether to apply for an Interethnic Reconciliation Youth Small Grant or an Interethnic Reconciliation Youth Camps Grant. Applicants may not apply for both.
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