Rice water: why is it back and how can it benefit you and your skin

First of all, let’s get things clear: what is rice water? Basically, rice water is the leftover water that you have once you finish cooking rice. As you probably know, rice is an ingredient that is high in starch and you can see it in the shape of white foam when you cook it.

It has been used in ancient Japan as a skincare product and now it’s coming back. So, if you’re interested in joining the latest trend, get a packet of rice here: https://carolinarice.com/products/white-rice/, cook yourself a batch and store the water left over for when  you finish reading this article!

General benefits of rice water

As mentioned before, this product has been used for centuries by the Japanese, the kings and queens of skincare. The most popular use was to strengthen the hair as it makes it grow stronger and smoother. Moreover, it has been proven to be an effective solution for bleached hair. In this sense, split ends can benefit from a weekly wash in rice water or shampoos that include this active in their list of ingredients.

Nowadays, we can also use rice water in our skincare routine as it can have similar effects on the skin. But why is this so? White rice intake can contribute to heightening your calcium levels. It is a good source of vitamins, protein and minerals. Besides, and considering there is not excessive intake, it can be the healthy share of carbs every meal needs. Taking this into account, it is only natural that it can be beneficial for the skin, so let’s see how.

How can rice water help your skin

It is worth mentioning that raw elements are not supposed to be directly used in your skin. The same way you don’t just half an aloe vera leaf and apply it directly onto a sunburnt skin, you should just spray water rice directly to your face.

Whatever active ingredient you want to include in your skin care routine should be included in the products you use in the right proportion and after they have undergone the necessary chemical transformation. Having said this, water rice is an active ingredient you might want to include in your everyday skincare routine. Let’s see why.

It can make your skin glow

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Not only can it bring that natural glow back to your skin, it can also help reduce blemishes and dark spots. In time, it can help you even your skin tone as it has some antioxidants and it is a great source of vitamins.

It is anti-aging

Because of the same antioxidants, it can be used to fight premature aging. It can prevent wrinkles and fine lines from appearing and, if you already have them, it can help reduce them.

It can help with sun damage

If you have ever experienced sun damage, you know it is extremely necessary to use products that refresh your skin at the same time they heal it and soothe it. Water rice can be a good active ingredient in your body cream for this problem. However, the ideal scenario is not to get sunburnt and prevent it by using sunscreen.

It can make your skin barrier stronger

The skin barrier can be affected by many things: a product misuse, a poor skincare routine after wearing too much makeup, by the sun and even stress. Water rice can act as a protection against this kind of damage.

It brings elasticity to your skin

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Elasticity is one of the things we all lose first with the natural aging process. The perfect way to prevent this from happening is keeping a good hydration routine and rice water can also be used to keep the skin hydrated.


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