Just Mattress Things: What to Consider When Shopping For Your Next Bed

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The ultimate purpose of having a mattress at home is to get a peaceful and good long sleep. This is especially true if you had been out of your house the whole day to work, school, or do other outdoor activities. Indeed, after such an exhausting day, you deserve to just dive in your bed, grab a pillow or two, and get a good rest.


But what if your mattress is already old and isn’t as good as it used to be? Maybe you’ve been experiencing neck and back pains, or you have been feeling sore when you wake up in the morning. Well, that’s not a good sign, and it only tells you that it’s time to get a new one. Yet, with many options to choose from, you might find buying a mattress a bit overwhelming.


However, it doesn’t have to be. You just have to know the essential things, and you’re good to go. Don’t worry because this article has got you covered! Listed down below are the top things you should think about when you go shopping for your next mattress.



One of the first points you should consider is the mattress type. Most buyers do not seem to give this a lot of thought, but having even a little background of the different types can lead you to the best mattresses the store, both in-store or online, has to offer. This is because it can give you a clear vision of what you want for a mattress. The most common types include:


1.    Innerspring

This type is probably the more traditional mattress type wherein it uses steel coils as a support system. The coils or the springs give that bouncy feeling, and while they could provide strong support, you might need to replace them sooner. Although, one advantage is its budget-friendly cost.


2.    Memory foam

Memory foams are created to conform to the body shape of their user, more like giving a « body hug » sensation. This quality of memory foam allows for pressure relief and support for the shoulders and hips, making it ideal for people who like to sleep on their sides. However, they tend to be more heat-absorbent, so the material may feel warm.

3.    Latex

Unlike memory foams, mattresses made from latex foams are less dense, so they retain less heat which means they provide a cooler feel. Another good thing about latex is that they are eco-friendly because they are usually made from natural materials. In addition, they can give some sort of pressure relief, though not as good as memory foam.


4.    Gel

Some foam mattresses like memory foam tend to be warm. That is why many manufacturers nowadays are adding gel foams to help regulate the temperature of the bed. Gel is usually placed in the upholstery layer or the support system, and this gives the mattress a quality that is gentle to the joints. But, gel foams can also be expensive.


5.    Hybrid

A hybrid mattress is usually made from a mixture of two different types. It incorporates an innerspring style with coil springs for support and a top layer of foam usually made from latex or memory. This type is suitable for those couples who have different firmness needs.


Comfort Level

Different types of mattresses offer varying levels of comfort or ‘firmness.’ It is important to note here that the support system used by a particular mattress is not equated to firmness as both soft and firm mattresses can provide great support. So as much as possible, choose the comfort level you prefer when you buy a mattress and don’t base it solely on support.


The comfort levels can be soft or plush mattresses that give the feeling of deep sinking, contour to the body, and offer pressure relief. This level is good for side-sleepers. Other levels include medium that is ideal for sleepers with combined sleeping positions and firm, which are great for strict stomach sleepers. Heavy sleepers might also appreciate the extra support they could get from firm mattresses.



Your comfort level is closely connected to the sleeping position that you find most comfortable. Sometimes, the sore muscles you get may be because your mattress’s firmness does not suit well with your sleeping position. That’s why it can be said that your sleep position can affect your health.


Knowing what kind of sleeper you are, whether back, stomach, side-sleeper, or a combination of two or more positions, can help you narrow down your options to finding that one perfect mattress.


Bed Size

Another essential consideration is the bed size which will significantly depend on the available space in your room. It can also vary whether you will share it with someone or just really your preference if you want a bed wide enough to accommodate your movements or just a medium-sized one.


What matters most here is whether you are happy with the amount of space you get when you sleep, and if you’re fighting for more space with your partner, maybe it’s time to get a larger one. Larger size options can include full, queen, king, and California king.



Having the right or wrong mattress draws the line between spending the day feeling good or in pain. That’s why knowing just even the basics of mattress ‘things’ can help you avoid spending the day with muscle sores, neck, or back pain. The next time you are to shop for your next mattress, try to consider the things listed in this article.

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