World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) Programme 2019

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World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) Programme 2019

Deadline: February 24, 2019

The call for nominations for the World Energy Council’s 2019 Future Energy Leaders (FELs) programme is now open! They are looking for the brightest minds among this generation of young professionals to join the Council’s Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) programme. This is your chance to join a diverse and talented network of energy pros exploring solutions for the future of energy systems. FELs form a global community of exceptional young leaders who are committed to shaping our energy future.

The World Energy Council’s Future Energy Leaders Programme (FEL-100) is a global and diverse network of young energy professionals. It is designed to help shape, inspire and grow energy leaders of tomorrow. It serves as a platform for engaging a limited number of ambitious young professionals in the World Energy Council’s national, regional and international activities and events. The programme’s objective is to inspire participants to become the next generation of energy leaders capable of solving the world’s most pressing challenges regarding energy and sustainability.

The FEL community builds on creative ideas and the innovative potential of the next generation to challenge conventional thinking and explore new strategies for the future of our energy systems. It offers young professionals a unique opportunity for learning and development with exposure to critical issues in the energy debate. Becoming a FEL100 does not mean that the participant is employed or being remunerated by the World Energy Council.


Through the programme, successful applicants will have an opportunity to:

  • Access and contribute to the Council’s studies.  Future Energy Leaders take part in the production of the World Energy Council’s authoritative studies as experts or observers. Through the programme, they can directly develop their experience, knowledge and skills in an energy-focused environment, also contributing to the World Energy Council’s global dialogue.
  • Be an active member of one of the FEL-100 projects. The Future Energy Leaders’  Projects form an integral part of the programme as they shape the development of the FEL-100 community and provide unique opportunities for international cooperation. Through a flexible and interactive system, the programme enables FELs to design projects with valuable and interactive outputs – webinars, events, online tools, case studies, practical projects etc.
  • Attend selected global, regional and national events of the World Energy Council. Among other events, every three years the FEL-100 Congress is held in parallel with the Council’s World Energy Congress. With an integrated programme aimed specifically for future leaders, this premier energy gathering offers a unique opportunity to better understand energy issues and solutions from a global perspective. The 24th World Energy Congress will be held in September 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  During each Congress, the FEL-100 declare their vision for the future of global energy, outlining their priorities and agenda items.
  • Create their own professional network.
  • Shape the vision of tomorrow’s energy system.
  • Bridge the generation gap. 


During the first half of every year they on-board around 35 new participants and the same number of participants are replaced. Programme applicants should meet the following essential criteria:

  • Should not be more than 35 years old at the time of application
  • Solid interest and proven track record in energy
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • The CV and personal statement indicate the potential to become a leader in the energy sector
  • Minimum of 3 years full-time post-graduate energy-related experience – please note that this does not include masters’ degree and PhD research, internships or volunteer work during studies
  • Highly motivated and encouraged to work with the World Energy Council, contribute to the activities of his/her member committee, and ready to commit to become a member of the exclusive FEL-100 and remain engaged
  • Participation in the FEL Summit and FEL Congress is highly encouraged but not compulsory
  • Advanced level of English


Each FEL-100 is taken on-board initially for one year. Every year, the level of engagement of each participant is assessed and if the participant is considered inactive s/he may be replaced. If the participant is considered active, s/he may be offered to stay on board an additional year.

After successful completion of the programme, former FEL will receive a certificate and join the Alumni community to stay active part of the Council’s network.

Click here to apply.

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