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United States: “For Good” and “For Ever” Grants Program


United States: “For Good” and “For Ever” Grants Program

Deadline: 30-Sep-21

The Berrien Community Foundation is pleased to announce the “For Good” Major and “For Good” Minor project grant and “For Ever” Operational Sustainability Grant Program.

Type of Grants

“For Good” Project Grants: The “For Good” Grants are open for two cycles per year and are available in two sizes: the “For Good” Major for up to $10,000 and the “For Good” Minor for up to $1,000. The “For Good” Minor has a shorter, simpler form geared toward organizations with a smaller request and the “For Good” Major is a standard-length grant application. Grants are reviewed in the following areas:
Community Improvement and Special Needs
Youth Leadership and Development
“For Ever” Operational Sustainability Grants: The Berrien Community Foundation recognizes that the nonprofit organizations are struggling to keep the lights on. Fundraisers have been cancelled. The arts organizations do not know when they will perform in front of crowds again. Unemployment has many families struggling to make ends meet and unable to make charitable contributions. They felt that it was important to adjust the grantmaking focus to help nonprofits bridge this gap. Eligible applications for the “For Ever” Sustainability Grant will focus on sustainability and recovery and will include the following:
A plan for sustainability (information such as fundraising, employment, key partnerships, goals, leadership).
How the COVID-19 has affected your organization.
What your organization has done to minimize the impact of COVID-19.
Funding Information

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“For Good” Project Grants: The maximum grant request is $10,000 for the “For Good” Major and $1,000 for the “For Good” Minor.
“For Ever” Operational Sustainability Grants: The maximum grant request is $10,000 for the “For Ever” Operational Sustainability Grant.
Eligibility Criteria

“For Good” Project Grants: This grant opportunity is available to 501c3 nonprofit organizations, schools, religious organizations doing community work and government organizations who are serving Berrien County, Michigan.
“For Ever” Operational Sustainability Grants: This grant is open to 501c3 nonprofits in Berrien County.
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