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UNICEF recruits 01 Consultant Internationale / Child Protection Officer, P-2

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UNICEF recruits 01 Consultant Internationale / Child Protection Officer, P-2

Consultant Internationale: Child Protection Officer, P-2, SSA, Kinshasa
Job Number: 521524 | Vacancy Link
Locations: Africa: Congo, Dem. Rep
Work Type : Consultancy
The Democratic Republic of Congo the (DRC) has the third largest population in Africa with an estimated 85 million people, of whom 56 per cent under 18. DRC has a long history of conflicts with implication for insecurity. Most of the conflicts in the East are aided by the illicit trade of natural resources. As of 2018, a total of 130 armed groups operate in the DRC, mostly in the eastern part of the country. Insecurity is exacerbated by kidnappings, robberies, ethnic tensions, and civil demonstrations. In 2018, OCHA estimated that 13.1 million people, including 7.9 million children, were in need of humanitarian assistance. It was also estimated that the DRC has 4.1 million internally displaced persons (IDPs), the highest in Africa, 60 per cent of whom are children (HRP, 2018). In 2018 alone, the Country Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM) Task-Force verified 3,171 documented cases of grave violations, notably on the recruitment and use of children, sexual violence against children, and attacks, looting and destruction in schools and hospitals. Due to this context, a large number of children is thus confronted with multiple vulnerabilities that put them at risk of abuse, violence and exploitation. The lack or formal social protection mechanisms forces communities to rely on informal ones, such as solidarity initiatives for vulnerable children organised by churches. However, these mechanisms are not systemic, nor are they particularly efficient.
In order to respond to such socio-economic vulnerabilities, UNICEF has, since 2011, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs, developed a “Protective Community Approach.” A holistic approach that focuses on reinforcing community-based child protection mechanisms by putting the community at the centre of all interventions in order to, on the one hand, be able to, prevent all types of abuse, violence and exploitation whilst, on the other hand, being able to also respond to such violations by identifying, referring and providing assistance to children, where possible. Through the implementation of the community-based protection approach in 63 % of the DRC’s territory, in 2018, 608,890 vulnerable children were referred to protection services thanks to an increased collaboration between social service providers and community-based actors. At the same time, UNICEF is working with Community Child Protection Networks (RECOPE) in both emergency and non-emergency contexts. These networks are composed of volunteers and are often the backbone of the community-based protection approach as they serve as direct links between the communities that they live in and the formal coordination and response mechanisms.
In addition to the numerous issues mentioned above, the DRC also has to tackle quite severe gender inequality within all walks of life (political, social, economic, etc.). Women are often not involved in decision making, whether it be at the national or the community level, a situation only further exacerbated in conflict-affected regions. This also leads to alarming rates of violence against women, notably sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). As in indication of the scale of the problem, in 2015, nearly 20,000 cases of SGBV were reported in six provinces and Kinshasa, of which 66% were rape cases. This also indicates that gender issues and GBV are not only occurring in conflict-affected areas and that, also in areas without armed conflict, assistance is needed.
After almost 8 years, UNICEF is looking for ways to further strengthen its Community-Based Protection approach as well as its work with Community Child Protection Networks, especially in emergency contexts. At the same time, and linked to this, the Child Protection Unit has noted the need to strengthen the mainstreaming of gender into its interventions and activities and this is something it wants to make sure is addressed throughout 2019 and into 2020, especially considering that a new Country Program Document is currently being developed.
Under the guidance of the Chief Child Protection,  support in the strengthening UNICEF Community based approach and mainstreaming gender into child protection interventions.
Key Accountabilities and Duties & Tasks
The Child Protection consultant will undertake the following tasks for  a period of eight months:
Protective Community Approach / Community Child Protection Networks (RECOPE)
• Follow and assist where needed with the evaluation of the Community-Based Protection approach;
• Contribute to the production of a road map for the implementation of the recommendations of the evaluation;
• Document the implementation of the RECOPE approach in emergency and non-emergency settings and elaborate a set of recommendations and a road map for their implementation;
• Participate in the initial development of partnerships with key, identified, government actors and CSOs at all levels to implement Community-Based Protection and Community Child Protection Networks.
• Support the Child Protection section in ensuring that all field offices are undertaking a harmonised approach to Community-Based Protection and Community Child Protection Networks throughout the country.
Gender and Gender-Based Violence
• Document the ongoing programs through a gender lens and produce a set of recommendations to strengthen gender mainstreaming into the Child Protection section work throughout the country, both within its emergency as well as its development programs;
• Support the Child Protection section in assisting field offices in developing partnerships with CSOs to respond to GBV cases in humanitarian settings and with government counterparts in non-emergency situations;
• Identify and participate to the adaption of a set of training modules to building the capacity of UNICEF implementing partners with regards to Gender and GBV issues.
• A roadmap for the implementation of the recommendations stemming from the evaluation of the Protective Community Approach (2 months);
• A set of recommendations for the RECOPE approach and road map for their implementation (2 months);
• A review of ongoing programs through a gender lens, including recommendations for improvement or the inclusion of certain elements (2 months);
• Gender trainings for UNICEF’s Implementing Partners (2 months).
Place of work
Office based with occasional travel to project areas.
Key qualifications and required skills:
• Master’s degree in Social Science, Gender Studies, International Development, Law, Human Rights, Political Science, International Relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, or other related fields.
* A first University degree with additional two years work experience in CP area may be considered in lieu of Master’s degree.
Work Experience
• At least 2 years of relevant professional experience, at the international level in child protection, working with communities and advising on gender/GBV.
• Excellent knowledge of program management and results-based management tools
• Demonstrated ability to work in an independent manner; ability to organize work efficiently and deal with multiple tasks.
• Previous experience working in West and Central Africa is an asset
• Excellent oral and written French skills. Good command of English
Closing Date Sat Apr 27 2019 23:55:00 GMT+0100 (Afr. centrale Ouest)

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