U.S. Embassy Zagreb Public Affairs Section announces Small Grants Program

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U.S. Embassy Zagreb Public Affairs Section announces Small Grants Program

Deadline: 3 January 2020

The U.S. Embassy Zagreb Public Affairs Section (PAS) has announced the PAS Small Grants Program.

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Focus Areas

PAS Zagreb invites proposals for programs in the following areas:

    • Culture
      • Artistic programs that share the richness and diversity of American values and support cultural dialog between the American and Croatian public. Programs can include cultural performances, guest speakers/directors/performers, the rights to American works, exhibits, workshops, and art exchanges (participation at the “train the trainer” programs)
      • Educational programs, such as workshops or master classes by a visiting artist(s)
    • English Education
      • English language educational programs developed by teachers in the areas of critical thinking in the English language classroom, exploring English through different cultures, virtual classrooms with multimedia content in English teaching, anti-corruption education in the classroom, tolerance and regional issues, media literacy, classroom management, and empowering 21st century learners and educators.
    • Entrepreneurship
      • STEM/STEAM educational programs for youth that educate elementary and high school students in STEM fields, increase interest in STEM/STEAM among youth, develop skills that are not usually taught in school curriculums, and make STEM more accessible to youth.
      • Anti-corruption educational programs and initiatives that contribute to the improvement of investment climate and transparent business
      • Entrepreneurship programs for underserved audiences that develop the entrepreneurship spirit and business development skills in target groups including high school students, women, and people in small cities and rural areas outside of Zagreb.
    • Holocaust Education
      • Programs for teachers and/or students that improve the quality of Holocaust education by incorporating accurate history, appropriate pedagogy, classroom strategies, teaching resources, and activities and workshops. Teachers of the 7 and 8 grades of elementary school, high school or university may propose projects that address Holocaust-related issues including antisemitism, Nazi ideology, law and justice, and genocide prevention. Projects that bring U.S. experts to Croatia for joint programs are preferred.
    • Library Programs
      • Programs that promote American values through the purchase of a collection of books written by contemporary U.S. authors and projects that complement the books and address issues in contemporary American literature. These may include lectures or workshops with U.S. authors, participation in book festivals, school visits and collection promotion, discussions with local publishers and translators, and discussions about book design and rights.
      • Programs that complement one of American Corner flagship programs (Democracy, Good Governance, and Rule of Law, Women’s Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, and Innovation + Economic Growth, English Language, STEM, Environment and Climate, Security Cooperation + Transnational Threats: Crime, Narcotics, and Trafficking in Persons). These programs would have to be performed in, at least partially, one (or more) of the American Corners throughout Croatia (Osijek, Vukovar, Zagreb, Zadar, Rijeka) and may include lectures, workshops, school visits, U.S. speakers program, etc.
  • Media
    • Media-related projects that address one or more of the following themes: media literacy, countering disinformation and fight against fake news.
  • Sports Programs
    • Programs that support advancing U.S. foreign policy goals through interaction between Croatian and American athletes and professionals, programs that reach groups such as at-risk youth, women, minorities, people with disabilities and underserved youth with the goal of developing important leadership skills, achieve academic success, promote tolerance and respect for diversity, and positively contribute to the society.

Funding Information

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Grants range from $5,000 to $15,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grants are awarded to Croatian non-profit organizations and institutions including educational institutions and libraries.
  • Applicants are only allowed to submit one proposal per organization.

What are they looking for in applicants proposal?

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    • Projects with strong merit and clearly defined goals and outcomes;
    • Program components that help build and enhance relationships between Croatia and the United States;
  • Projects that benefit a wide group of people and have a plan to amplify the results among the public through digital or other means;
  • A plan to recognize support from the American Embassy in program materials and advertising;
  • Projects that serve traditionally underserved populations;
  • Specific, realistic plans for follow-up activities and knowledge transfer to the wider public.

For more information, visit https://hr.usembassy.gov/annual-program-statement-2020-small-grants-program/

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