Tdh recruits 01 PHC (Primary Health Center) Project Manager

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Tdh recruits 01 PHC (Primary Health Center) Project Manager


PHC (Primary Health Center) Project Manager


Position Start Date : Middle of July 2019

Duration : 6 months

Location : Teknaf – Bangladesh

Terre des hommes does not set closing dates for this position; recruitment is on-going until the position is filled


Tdh :

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the leading Swiss organisation for children’s aid. Since 1960, Tdh has helped build a better future for deprived children and their communities, making an impact with innovative and sustainable solutions. Active in more than 45 countries, Tdh works with local and international partners to develop and implement field projects which improve the daily lives of over 3 million children and their relatives, in the domains of health, protection and emergency relief. This engagement is financed by individual and institutional support, with administrative costs kept to a minimum.


Context :

Following the massive displacement of more than 688,000 people into Bangladesh since end of August 2017, Tdh has put in place an important emergency response plan to provide relief to the Rohingya refugees, notably on nutrition, health, WASH and protection.


The Primary Healthcare Center (PHC) Manager will work with the Health Project Manager, Health Activity Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator and Site Supervisor to manage a Primary Health Care Centre (PHC) manned by competent staff and to ensure high-quality services to treat and refer the Rohingya community and host community within the PHC catchment area.

S/he is accountable for quality of care. Along with the Health Activity Coordinator, s/he will lead the technical oversight of the PHC and will heavily focus on capacity building and mentoring of national staff. S/he will also be responsible for project management related to the PHC, including developing and implementing work-plans, report-writing, monitoring progress of project targets and key indicators, and coordinating with The Health & Nutrition Coordinator, Logistics and Finance departments on procurement and transportation of all PHC materials including orders of drugs and medical supplies.

S/he is accountable for ensuring inter-departmental coordination with medical team and non-medical teams ensuring continuum of care and a good quality of health services to the patients as well as a good maintenance of the PHC buildings and all support services.


Responsibilities :

  • He/She plans activities and ensures that activity timelines are met. In the event of serious delays in implementation, he/she immediately informs his/her supervisor and proposes solutions to remedy the situation.
  • He/She works in close collaboration with The Health & Nutrition Coordinator and the Health Activity Coordinator on the medical strategy of the PHC, the quality of activities, the technical choices to be made, and reporting obligations.
  • He/She ensures the proper functioning of medical programs falling under his/her responsibility, and ensures compliance with goals defined in the project proposal/s. Notably, he/she tracks the performance indicators defined, reports on progress to The Health & Nutrition Coordinator and field coordinator, signals any difficulties encountered in project implementation, and proposes improvements or reorganization on an as needs basis.
  • He/She ensures the correct integration of Tdh’s health activities, strategy and medical protocols in line with existing national and international recommendations and guidelines.
  • He/She ensures the implementation of monitoring and/ or evaluations, according to the defined needs of the project/s. He/She undertakes analyses and transmits the data collected to his/her immediate supervisor, and to the Health Department. Depending on the needs of the projects and/or the data collected, he/she produces and disseminates reports of the monitoring and evaluation exercises to the relevant people.
  • He/She reviews, monitors, implements and further develops tools, guidelines, SOPs and processes in the PHC
  • He/She ensures proper archiving of all the documents, tools and training materials produced in the context of project/s and ensures the availability of the verification sources mentioned in the proposals.
  • He/she contributes to the monthly report of the mission and to the quarterly report of medical activities to be transmitted to The Health & Nutrition Coordinator.
  • He/She feeds information to The, Health and Nutrition Coordinator on the ongoing response
  • He/She must guarantee the appropriateness of programs and their respect for the health policy and framework of operations of Tdh. He/she submits any requests for advancement into new medical activities to the Health Department.



  • He/She identifies the training needs of the team and addresses them (organizational and medical support, methodology, organization of training sessions…). A strong focus will be on trainings (on-the job trainings, workshops, seminars and simulations) for medical doctors, medical assistants, nurses, midwives, and nurse aids
  • He/She prepares job profiles for members of the team, has them endorsed by the Field Coordinator & Health & Nutrition Coordinator, and participates actively in the hiring process (from job description to technical tests and interviews, etc.), as well as in any decisions related to the termination of employment contracts of team members
  • He/She ensures that each person is subject to a written evaluation according to HR regulations and passes the evaluations and recommendations on to HR
  • He/she ensures that Child safeguarding policy is enforced and that the entire team has a clear understanding of the Tdh mandate and project
  • He/She ensures a positive working environment and good team dynamics, including solving potential conflicts
  • He/She ensures the correct integration of Tdh’s health activities, strategy and medical protocols in line with existing national and international recommendations and guidelines



  • He/She monitors and reacts to his/her needs for medications, medical consumables and equipment in line with available budgets and projected needs. He/she takes into account the time and logistical constraints of the mission, as well as the purchasing rules specific to the programs, in order to ensure that his/her requests are realistic in light of procurement timelines
  • He/She contributes to the analysis of supplier of bids for purchases with highly technical specifications
  • In coordination with the Health Department he/she ensures, appropriate storage of medications, medical consumables or equipment specific to his/her program(s)
  • On a monthly basis he/she provides the Field Coordinator with all information necessary for the development of cash flow estimates specific to his/her program(s)
  • He/She ensures that the monthly budget tracking of the program(s) falling under his/her responsibility is up-to-date, participates in analyses, detects possible anomalies, and proposes adjustments to the Field Coordinator.



  • He/She participates in internal coordination meetings as needed and requested
  • He/She represents the association in external coordination meetings (Health Sector, Cluster meetings, meetings with authorities from the Ministry of Health, technical working groups) before local actors involved in the implementation of medical programs, and ensures that good relations are maintained with each of them, (consistent with the principles of neutrality and independence of Tdh)
  • He/She ensures the correct technical coordination with other Tdh activities
  • In agreement with the Field Coordinator and The Health & Nutrition Coordinator, he/she attends coordination meetings on relevant medical matters when they take place, and participates actively
  • In the event of visits from Donors, he/she participates actively in the preparation and the smooth organization of the visit.



  • He/She ensures that the safety plan is known by the team falling under his/her responsibility, and that safety rules are respected
  • He/She informs staff on security rules as defined
  • He/She reports any security/safety incident and/or risk to the emergency coordinator
  • He/She contributes to data collection on safety issues in his/her field of operations and disseminates them to the Head of Base regularly or on an ad-hoc basis if urgent



  • He/She participates in identifying health-related needs in coordination with the Field Coordinator, the Health Department or the Headquarter
  • In the context of identifying new operations, and together with the Health Department, he/she contributes to the preparation of project proposals for the Health Department
  • He/She participates in the strategy development of the mission.


Profile :

Job requirements

  • Qualified Doctor or Nurse
  • Education in management of health facilities or public health would be an asset
  • High level of technical knowledge allowing the person to oversee the quality of health care services provided in the PHCC
  • Experience of working in developing countries
  • At least 2 years management experience of health facilities
  • Previous experience of delivering health programs in humanitarian settings
  • Previous experience working in Bangladesh would be an asset
  • Excellent knowledge of monitoring and evaluating healthcare programs
  • A commitment to excellence; attention to detail.



  • Sensitive to culture, social and gender norms, adapting his/her behavior and manners to the context
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, conflict resolution skills and diplomacy experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment, and establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the organization
  • Ability to withstand pressure, well organized, managing priorities and hard worker
  • Good brainstorming and trouble-shooting skills
  • Ability to integrate the local environment into operations, in its political, economic and historical dimensions
  • Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization itself.
  • Excellent communication skills in English, written and spoken including clinical terminology.
  • Bangladeshi or French is an asset
  • Excellent ha


Salary :

Expatriate contract under Swiss labour code 3 400 CHF (~2 950 €) < > 4 750 CHF (~4 100 €) net salary/month according to experience x 13, Annual Leave: 25 days per year. Contract includes also local accommodation and transportation, health and repatriation insurance, return flight.


Tdh Global Code of Conduct and Risk Management Policies :

  • Fully complies with Tdh’s Global Code of Conduct and systematically reports any breach to the Code through the whistleblowing procedure: raises awareness within the Foundation on abuse and violence and the rights deriving therefrom, respecting the rights and dignity of children, members of the communities and our own Staff
  • Commits to respecting Risk Management Policies including: Safeguarding Policies (Child Safeguarding Policy, Policy on the Protection against Sexual Exploitation and the Directive on Staff Misconduct at the Workplace), Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption and Prevention of the Financing of Criminal Activities Policies
  • Commits to reducing the risk of abuse and harm by developing a culture of open and informed leadership within the organization and in our work with children and the communities in which we intervene in.


We offer an exciting and varied work, useful and meaningful, in a team that wants to make a difference for vulnerable children.


Are you interested? Do you want to face this challenge?


Procedure :

Please applying directly online:

Application files sent through our official website will be processed only if complete (CV + cover letter). Additional documents (diplomas, work certificates, etc.) will be requested at a later stage.

We will be in touch with the shortlisted candidates only in the selection process – with the large number of applications received, we unfortunately cannot provide personal follow-up to the larger candidate pool. Thanks for your understanding.

For any questions you can consult the FAQ below the job advertisements.

To know more about Terre des hommes:


Experience0 à 3 ans
FonctionsGestion de projets/programmes, Autre
Secteurs d’activitéAutre, Droits humains
PaysAsie, Bangladesh
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Date de fin de validité09/08/2019

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