Small Grant Scheme Call for Prevention of Neurodegenerative Diseases (Czech Republic)

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Small Grant Scheme Call for Prevention of Neurodegenerative Diseases (Czech Republic)

Deadline: 31-May-21

The Ministry of Health as Small Grant Scheme Operator in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance – Program Operator has announced the Open Call for applications for funding of projects from the Small Grant Scheme (SGS 2) of EEA Grants 2014-2021 in Program Health focused on support of NGOs activities in the field of prevention and early diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases.

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The aim of the Calls is to increase the knowledge and skills of physicians in the field of early diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of dementia. This should in principle take place through the development and implementation of interdisciplinary guidelines for the diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive care including guidelines for the care of patients with concomitant polymorbidity and cognitive impairment and patients in severe stages of the disease.
An important goal is also to define the role of individual levels of care from general practitioners through outpatient specialists in geriatrics, neurology, gerontology / psychiatry to specialized centres. The Call also aims to improve post-diagnostic support and early detection of initial dementia symptoms through education, training and support for carers and family members.
Areas of Support
Area of support A Definition of roles and competencies of individual segments of care, creation of interdisciplinary best practices and raising awareness of their existence. there will be 1 project supported, focusing on the following activities, which are mandatory for the project:
Development of interdisciplinary recommended procedures and methodologies focused on the diagnosis of dementia syndrome and on comprehensive therapy, including recommended procedures for the treatment of people with cognitive impairment and comorbidities and for comprehensive care for people in advanced stages of dementia syndrome. Users of the recommended procedures will be general practitioners and specialists and other experts dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and similar diseases.
Search for existing examples of European best practices.
Defining the roles and competencies of specialized centres for the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders and other components of the health system, dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of people suffering from dementia.
Training, seminars and educational activities aimed at general practitioners and the medical professionals raising their awareness of the existence of recommended procedures and methodologies in the field of dementia and their implementation.
Area of support B Raising the awareness of family members and informal carers about the early detection of dementia symptoms, treatments and activities that contribute to slowing the development of disease symptoms. Projects focused on at least one of the following activities will be supported:
Educational activities aimed at family members and informal carers on early detection of dementia symptoms and treatment options and support options, including cooperation between professionals and informal carers (so-called shared care);
Awareness-raising programs and campaigns of a comprehensive nature aimed at the general public focused on destigmatizing people living with dementia and at raising awareness of dementia, early detection of symptoms and treatment options.
Funding Information
Minimum grant amount is 530,000 CZK (EUR 20 000), maximum grant amount is 5,300,000 CZK (EUR 200 000).
The exchange rate set by the Programme Operator for the Call is CZK 26.50/EUR.
The maximum project grant rate for all eligible applicants is 100 % of the total eligible expenditure of the project.
Eligibility Criteria
The following eligible applicants may submit a grant application:

Eligible applicants are all non-profit non-governmental organisations (hereinafter referred to as “NGOs”) established as a legal entity, having a non-commercial purpose, independent of local, regional and central government, public entities, political parties and commercial organisations. These are legal entities under private law, which belong to the formalized structures of civil society and fulfil the features set out in the document State Policy towards Non-Profit Organizations, for the years 2015–2020.
According to the legal form, these are:
public benefit corporation pursuant to Act No. 248/1995, on public benefit corporations and on amendments and supplements of related laws, as amended; or
association or institute pursuant to the provisions of Art. 214 or 402 of Act No. 89/2012, Civil Code, as amended; or
foundation or endowment fund pursuant to the provisions of Art. 306 or 394 of Act No. 89/2012, Civil Code, as amended; or
legal entities established by churches under the Act No. 3/2002 Coll., on churches and religious associations, as amended, provided that the funded activities to not directly or indirectly promote religious doctrine, mission or proselytism related to the beliefs of a particular faith.
The precondition for submitting the application is at least one year’s operation of the applicant’s organization in the field of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease by the time of submission of grant application, i.e. in the area of care for people suffering from dementia, prevention and early diagnosis of this disease. The applicants are required to prove their compliance with this condition by submitting one of the following documents:
annual reports and/or;
document with overview of outputs of the already implemented initiatives and projects in the field of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease and/or;
recommendation or advisory opinion of relevant public authorities, healthcare providers or other relevant organizations
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