recrutement d’un Consultant expert, spécialisé dans le contrôle interne / audit externe de la Fonction Publique

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Deloitte Sénégal cherche à recruter un consultant expert, spécialisé dans le contrôle interne / audit externe de la Fonction Publique, afin d’intervenir en assistance technique long terme sur un projet USAID

  • Projet : USAID – Réforme des Finances Publiques
  • Minimum requis : 10 ans d’expérience dans la mise en œuvre de projets internationaux (USAID ou équivalent)
  • Maitrise de l’anglais obligatoire
  • Poste basé à Dakar

Project Presentation :

USAID Senegal will contribute to greater public sector management and inclusive growth. This will be accomplished by providing technical assistance to the Government of Senegal (GOS) to improve transparency, accountability and delivery of public services across sectors particularly in social sectors.

The activity will utilize long term technical assistance as well as, where appropriate, short-term efforts to accomplish the different capacity building activities necessary to improve public spending efficiency.

Furthermore, it will contribute to GOS efforts to hold itself accountable to the public and enable greater public participation in the budget process. The activity will also focus on supporting the GOS in achieving the milestones and targets in GOS Public and Finance Management (PFM) and Domestic Revenue Mobilization reforms.

The activity will have three components:

  • Component 1: Improving transparency and public participation in the budget process.
    • Strengthen information dissemination.
    • Strengthen participation and access to budget and financial information.
  • Component 2: Strengthening the efficiency of budget execution (including steering of the accounting reform) and supporting GOS on generating more domestic revenues.
    • Improving revenue mobilization.
    • Strengthening efficiency of public spending.
    • Improving accounting reform management.
  • Component 3: Strengthening internal and external controls.
    • Strengthening the internal control system   .
    • Strengthening the external audit system.

Position Description :

You will act as a Team Lead for the Component 3 (Internal & External Controls)

The Component 3 Lead will be responsible for providing technical leadership on strengthening and improving internal and external control and audit systems. To achieve this objective the Component 3 lead will oversee two subcomponents: strengthening the internal control system at the institutional and operational levels and strengthening the external audit system through improved judicial control of public finances. The Objective 3 Lead will manage the delivery of high-quality technical assistance to meet all results and indicators for the Objective. She/he will provide input to annual workplans, quarterly and annual reports, and prepare technical reports and presentations as required.

Minimum Qualifications :

  • Graduate degree in public finance, economics, public policy, or business administration. If a candidate possesses exceptional relevant experience but lacks a graduate degree, the concerned experience will be considered.
  • Minimum ten (10) years of international experience implementing USAID or similar types of activities.
  • Substantial international development experience, including substantial experience working with public sector, private sector and civil society stakeholders in a developing country context.
  • Understanding of judicial control of public finances and internal audit controls.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams to achieve development outcomes and business results.
  • Ability to prepare professionally written and organized reports and presentations in English and French.

Relationship with Team :

The Component 3 Lead will report to the Chief of Party of this project.

Please submit your application to the following address :

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