Organizational Development and Transition Technical Advisor

Organizational Development and Transition Technical Advisor

Job Summary

In a brief paragraph, state the position’s overall purpose or objective, highlighting the general functions for which the position is responsible. Why does the position exist and what must it accomplish. IMPORTANT: This section, along with the “Qualifications” section will appear in the CARE Career Site and outside job posting sites, so please describe fully.

The Continuum of prevention, care and treatment (CoPCT) of HIV/AIDS with Most-at-risk Populations in Cameroon (CHAMP) project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) under Cooperative Agreement No. AID-624-A-14-00003, began on April 15, 2014. The program is implemented by CARE International in Cameroon in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (JHU), Metabiota, (MB), Moto Action, and six local community-based organizations (CBOs). In collaboration with PEPFAR agencies, the Government of Cameroon, the Global Fund, and other key stakeholders, CHAMP works in tandem with community-based partners to strengthen and expand human rights-affirming, evidence-based, client-friendly HIV prevention, care, and treatment services for men who have sex with men (MSM), female sex workers (FSW) and their children, and sex worker clients in Cameroon. The program aims to increase demand for, and access to, quality community and clinical services by reinforcing and expanding the creation of safe, friendly, competent community-led platforms, and integrating interventions within the larger services network. CHAMP also contributes to the evidence base as a learning program that helps drive strategic decision-making and resource planning. Starting in October 2019, the program will be extended for three years under the name CHAMP II. The program will build on the existing USAID-funded CHAMP program, with expansion to six regions and additional population groups. One of the requisites for the award is to transition complete ownership of planning, implementation, program and financial monitoring, and reporting to local partners by the end of the agreement. Local counterparts will include the Transition Lead Organization (TLO), which will serve as the primary granting and oversight organization throughout the transition phase, and sub-grantees that will receive funds under the TLO.

The Organizational Development and Transition Technical Advisor (ODTTA) will lead the transition of administrative management of CHAMP II to local counterparts. Local counterparts will include the Transition Lead Organization (TLO), which will serve as the primary granting and oversight organization throughout the transition phase, and subgrantees that will receive funds under the TLO. The ODTTA will work in collaboration with the COP, the Deputy Chief of Party – Programs (DCOPP), the Deputy Chief of Party – Finance and Administration (DCOPFA), the CARE Cameroun Country Director, the CARE USA Senior Technical Advisor – HIV/AIDS, and additional technical and administrative team members to ensure that the TLO and subgrantee partners have the requisite capacity to receive and manage direct assistance from the US Government by the end of the cooperative agreement.

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Specifically, the ODTTA will work with TLO management, administrative, and reporting staff to develop an organizational capacity strengthening and monitoring plan, and effective systems for: a) human resource recruitment and management; b) strategic and operational planning; c) communications; d) financial management; e) reporting; f) compliance with Cameroon, CARE, and US Government rules and regulations; g) resource mobilization; and h) sustainability. The ODTTA will collaborate with the DCOPFA to ensure that the TLO and subgrantees comply with financial management and reporting requirements, and with the DCOPP to help ensure that the TLO and subgrantees comply with program reporting requirements.

The ODTTA will help ensure quality, efficiency, integrity, and learning throughout the transition process. S/he will provide timely strategic oversight and guidance to resolve challenges in implementation of transition according to the transition plan. This will involve continuous monitoring of the transition timeline and associated steps; planning with consortium, TLO, and subgrantee staff; evaluation of progress; guiding course correction; minimizing duplication and inefficiencies; and defining and ensuring partners adhere to standard operating procedures. The ODTTA will also be expected to promote learning and innovation throughout. This will include adapting tools, systems, and learning from other program experiences beyond Cameroon; promoting data-driven, evidence-based decision-making; communicating best practices to relevant parties; and scaling successful approaches broadly.

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Please consult the job description for more information…

Experience 5 à 10 ans
Fonctions Gestion de projets/programmes, Technicien spécialisé
Secteurs d’activité Environnement / Climat, Genre, Droits humains
Pays Afrique, Cameroun
Date de fin de validité 20/08/2019

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