Nuffic Call for Grant Applications: Institutional Collaboration Projects OKP-MENA

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Nuffic Call for Grant Applications: Institutional Collaboration Projects OKP-MENA

Deadline: 18-Feb-21

The Nuffic is seeking grant applications for its Institutional Collaboration Projects OKP-MENA to strengthen national system capacities in efficient and sustainable horticulture farming – with a focus on applied skills development and improving agricultural TVET institutional structures.

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Nuffic’s Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) is a 5 year global development programme, aimed at strengthening professionals and organisations through education and training. It contributes to the goals of the Netherlands’ development cooperation policy, in which education plays a significant role.

With its institutional collaboration projects (ICP) the Orange Knowledge Programme aims to support knowledge institutions in need of sustainable strengthening of higher and vocational education capacity, regarding local priority themes relevant to development cooperation.

Support for vocational education and connection to the labour market are important principles. Institutional projects consist of various activities that contribute to institutional development of organisations in developing countries on three levels: individual, organisational and institutional.

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Funding Information

Maximum available funding for this call, excluding co-funding – EUR 1,900,000 (including EUR 900,000 for a local scholarship facility component)
Maximum funding per collaboration project, excluding co-funding – EUR 1,900,000
Scholarship Facility

In order to promote and sustain life-long learning and support a culture of professionalization of the horticulture sector, this call encourages centres of excellence in FNS and efficient water management to establish and manage a scholarship facility to cover training and personal development of (associated) professionals of the agriculture/horticulture sector in both Iraq and Jordan.
The short courses/trainings/applied research assignments these professionals will apply for can be offered by knowledge institutions and training centres in both the respective countries of residence or in the MENA region.
Both short courses and/or 1-year Masters can be offered through the local scholarship facility. It is possible that not all scholarship holders will have finished their degree before the end of the project. Nuffic will consider these costs eligible as long as the studies in question will be finalised before 30 September 2022. The partners must report on the progress of all scholarship holders when they submit the final report.
Eligibility criteria for scholarship applicants:
The candidates work in the private sector as workers or operational managers, or for one of the following types of national and/or local organisations: ministries, secondary or higher vocational or academic education institutions, universities, private sector, commissions or NGOs.
The candidates may not work for:
a bilateral or multilateral organisation;
a non-governmental organisation that is internationally active and is focused on representing social interests, such as development cooperation, nature and environmental protection, health or human rights.
The candidates must have the nationality of or be resident and working in either Iraq or Jordan.
The candidates must be in a position to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.
In general, the scholarship facility should benefit the horticulture sectors in both countries and the region, strengthen the external relations of the consortium’s partners and promote professional exchange.
Institutional Collaboration Projects

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Grants for OKP Institutional Collaboration Projects will be awarded to collaboration projects between knowledge institutions focusing on sustainable strengthening of higher and vocational education capacity within local priority themes relevant to development cooperation.
A grant application (proposal) may be submitted by any one of the partners, potentially on behalf of a consortium. The grant applicant must be a Dutch institution for secondary vocational or higher vocational or academic education; or a national or local knowledge institution or organisation (knowledge institution, ministries, national commissions or non-governmental organisation) that contributes to capacity development in the area of higher and vocational education within the local priorities as set out in the country plan of implementation (CPI).
Grant applications and applicants have to meet the following minimum criteria to be eligible for a grant:
The grant application must be submitted by a Dutch institution for secondary vocational or higher vocational or academic education or a knowledge institution or organisation in a Country A. The project must be collaboration between a Dutch and a country A partner, potentially on behalf of their consortia. All country A partners have to be based in the countries specified in the call. Only the Dutch lead partner has to be based in the Netherlands.
The grant applicant is in a position to provide adequate financial management and, due to its experience and expertise in relation to activities similar to those for which the grant is being requested, can guarantee the targeted and effective performance of the activities to achieve the impact and outcomes as defined in the application; the applicant must submit data in the form of a COCA to enable its capacities to be assessed.
The grant applicant can function and operate appropriately within the legislation passed by the government in the country or countries in question.
The project proposal has a minimum duration of one year and must be implemented and established by no later than 31 March 2022.
The grant applied for does not exceed the maximum amount specified in the call for grant applications.
Any required co-funding is guaranteed.
The grant application meets any specific financial requirements set out in the call.
The grant application must be in the compulsory format and meet all criteria and requirements stated in this document.
The grant applicant can only submit or be involved in one application for this call (‘one applicant, one application’-rule)
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