Moldova: Capacity Development and Dialogue Platforms between CSOs and Government

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Moldova: Capacity Development and Dialogue Platforms between CSOs and Government

Deadline: 4 October 2019

The Global Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility is currently inviting NGOs and CSOs to submit Project Proposals for Capacity Development and Platforms for dialogue between CSOs and Government.

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Effective partnerships are the key to success for SGP Moldova. From the management structures and the financing mechanisms to the basic actions, the partnerships penetrate all the operational aspects of the GSP. NGOs/CSOs are viable channels for empowering citizens in making the best decisions regarding the development priorities of the localities in which they live and for the consolidation of property rights, thus being considered as the most significant partners of the GSP. They can play an effective role in better understanding the needs and requirements of the community and must have a chance to fully fulfill their responsibilities towards these communities.


  • The main objective of this grant is to strengthen the capacities of civil society organizations to access in a fair and balanced way the National Ecological Fund (FEN), especially in the form of co-financing, and to facilitate a constructive dialogue between civil society organizations and public authority for managing the FEN in order to ensure a transparent process of financing the actions provided for in national and / or local environmental policy documents.
  • The following specific objectives can be highlighted:
    • Assessment of the up-to-date situation of the following project categories of the FEN: (i) approved for financing from the FEN, but for which the contract between the LPA and the FEN has not yet been signed; (ii) projects contracted, but not completed; and (iii) being implemented at different stages in the following focal areas: Water management (except for water and sanitation projects); Waste management; Biodiversity and natural areas protected by the state; Prevention of environmental pollution; Reducing the risks of disasters and climate change; Ecological information and education;
    • Improvement of the normative and operational framework of the NFB based on the best existing practices and the results / conclusions of the up-to-date evaluation (provided for in the specific objective 1 mentioned above) including for the phases of: implementation, implementation and monitoring of the projects submitted, approved and which is in the process of being realized.
    • Strengthening the capacities of the FEN and MARDE officials in the use and application of the improved regulatory and operating framework (provided for in the specific objective 2 mentioned above);
    • Strengthening the capacities of non-governmental organizations for applying, implementing, reporting and ensuring the sustainability of the achieved results (based on the results of the specific objective 2 mentioned above.
    • Improving the regulatory framework for the operation of the NFF and the operational procedures will allow fair access of civil society organizations to the NFF resources and will facilitate dialogue between these organizations and the central public authority responsible for managing the National Ecological Fund.

Budget Information

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  • The grant size will not exceed 50,000 US Dollars.
  • NGOs are asked to propose 1: 1 co-financing. The lower level of co-financing is not a disqualification criterion for competitive project proposals. NGOs will be encouraged to raise the level of co-financing during the implementation period.

Eligible Organizations

Only public associations that carry out a non-profit activity can apply.

How to Apply

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The set of documents will be submitted electronically at the address given on the website.

For more information please visit

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