Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee Grant Program – New Zealand

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Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee Grant Program – New Zealand


Deadline: 4 March 2020

The Lottery Environment and Heritage grants are available for projects that will help protect, conserve or care for natural, cultural and physical heritage, or allow to better understand and access these resources.

10+ Funders for Agriculture, Food and Nutrition
10+ Global Donors for Improving Lives of Children in Poor Countries
10+ Donors that believe in building NGO capacities for Civil Society Development
15+ Donors for Saving the Planet: Grants for Environment, Conservation and Wildlife

Organisations receiving grants are expected to demonstrate how their projects will benefit the community, and contribute to:

increasing the access to New Zealand’s cultural heritage;
preserving and protecting New Zealand’s natural environment; or
preserving New Zealand’s history for future generations.

20+ Donors standing up for Human Rights and Equality
10+ International Donors seeking to improve Access to Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
20+ Global Donors for Empowering Women and Girls
25+ Donors for the Empowerment of Youth
Grant decisions are made by the Lottery Environment and Heritage Committee. Before deciding, the committee looks at how applicants project will help New Zealand’s natural, physical and cultural heritage:

Natural heritage:
protect and restore habitats and ecosystems for native plants or animals
protect and conserve native plants or animals that are rare, in danger or at risk in their habitats
improve public access and information about native plants and animals.
Physical heritage:
restore and protect places, structures or large built objects of significance to history
protect and conserve a place, structure or large built object for the future
improve public access and information about places, structures or large built objects of significance to history
Cultural heritage:
protect collections that are at risk of being damaged or lost
make collections available to the community
improve public access and information, particularly for young people to learn about and experience of cultural heritage
conserve and protect moveable cultural property, such as photographs, paintings, furniture and other artefacts.
Funding Information

Lottery Environment and Heritage makes grants for:

small projects, where the grant requested is for less than $250,000
large projects, where the grant requested is for $250,000 or more.
a one-off project may be:
a discrete stage of a larger, ongoing project; or
a single, stand-alone project.
Lottery Environment and Heritage Fund

This fund provides grants for plans, reports and one-off projects that will protect, conserve and promote New Zealand’s natural, cultural and physical heritage:

Natural heritage projects promote, protect and/or keep the native plants (flora) and animal life (fauna) safe from harm
Physical heritage projects restore, protect and/or conserve places, structures and large built objects that are important to history
Cultural heritage projects conserve, protect and/or promote collections and stories that are important to cultural heritage and identity.
Lottery Environment and Heritage does not fund:

Sample Proposals
projects to conserve, restore or protect privately or commercially owned land, buildings, structures and/or large built objects
projects to plan, develop or create historic gardens
routine maintenance that is not part of a larger restoration project
individual people, including projects undertaken as part of a university qualification
projects to landscape or beautify an area, that do not have a conservation, restoration or educational value
operating expenses, such as administration, staffing, or ordinary upkeep and maintenance
projects to build or restore historic replicas, including copies of vehicles, equipment or buildings
projects to install or upgrade services such as kitchens or toilets that are not part of larger construction or restoration projects
purchases of bare land
recycling schemes or related projects
research projects (but requests for applied research that show a clear community benefit may be considered)
How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, visit

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