ICNL seeking Proposals to Promote Civic Space through Advocacy and Media Capacity in Tanzania

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ICNL seeking Proposals to Promote Civic Space through Advocacy and Media Capacity in Tanzania


Deadline: 30 June 2019

The International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) is currently accepting proposals for small grants as part of its “Promoting Civic Space in Tanzania” program. Through this program, ICNL aims to support engagement and innovative information exchange and advocacy by civil society organizations to promote and protect the fundamental rights of association, assembly and expression and expand operating space at the local, national or regional levels in Tanzania.

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To achieve these program goals, ICNL will provide small grants to support innovative, impactful projects and provide technical assistance to grantees as needed. Proposals from community-based organizations are especially encouraged.

Content of Proposal

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In no more than five (5) pages, please describe their project proposal, which may address one or more of the following issues:

  • Innovative outreach and sensitization of marginalized groups and communities on civil society legal restrictions and closing civic space, and initiatives to include and integrate them in broader advocacy efforts for reform.
  • Innovative public outreach initiatives to deepen public understanding of the importance of civil society, the impact of restrictive laws on civil society, and to encourage involvement in efforts to protect freedom of association, assembly and expression rights.
  • Facilitating engagement with state actors to support their work in creating an enabling environment for civil society.
  • Supporting innovative communication and information-gathering platforms that provide data on civic space for use in evidence-based advocacy.

The proposal should include the following information:

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  • An overview of the proposed project, including a description of proposed activities, outputs, and outcomes;
  • The proposed activity plan and timeline for the project, recognizing that grant activities must be completed no later than the end of February 2020;
  • Specific goals, their feasibility, and how results will be measured (including a monitoring and evaluation plan);
  • The plan to sustain the impact of the project beyond the grant support.
  • Applicant’s experience in working on civil society legal reform, the rights to freedom of association, assembly, or expression, or other civic space related issues;
  • Existing initiatives by the applicant or other entities dealing with similar or related issues. Where applicable, the plan for ensuring complementarity between the proposed project and existing initiatives;

Eligibility Requirements

Proposals are welcome from any registered non-profit organization operating in Tanzania.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following factors:

  • Compliance with eligibility requirements and application procedures;
  • Demonstrated commitment of applicant to protecting civic space;
  • Quality of proposed project, including innovation and potential impact of the proposal, the proposed methodology/design, and feasibility of the project (e.g., activities are targeted to achieve stated results, and anticipated results that are realistic and attainable);
  • Likelihood that the proposed project will enhance civic space in Tanzania;
  • Sustainability of the proposed project beyond the grant period;
  • Proposed budget and apparent value for money; and
  • Inclusion of reasonable indicators to measure project success

How to Apply

To apply for a grant, applicants must submit the following fully completed items via email at the address given on the website, with the subject “Tanzania small grantapplication”.

  • Application Coversheet;
  • Proposal (no more than five pages); and
  • Line-item Budget (no more than $10,000)

For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/2MlWDov

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