GSG Impact Honors 2019 for global impact investment champions (Fully-funded to Santiago, Chile)

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GSG Impact Honors 2019 for global impact investment champions (Fully-funded to Santiago, Chile)Deadline: July 31, 2019

The GSG Impact Honors 2019 is open for nominations. The search is on once again for global champions lighting the path for the future of impact investment. The GSG Impact Honors – delivered in partnership with Pioneers Post – are annual awards for gamechangers commited to investment that optimises risk, return and impact to benefit people and the planet.

The awards were created by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG), which harnesses the energy of governments, agencies and entrepreneurs across the world to “drive forward the growth of the impact investment market to a tipping point by 2020”. Now in their third year, the awards will be presented at the GSG Impact Summit 2019 in Santiago, Chile, which takes place on 18-19 November.


Pioneers Post is this year partnering with GSG in two of the awards categories:

  1. Impact entrepreneur of the year – honor for leaders with catalytic impact on lives or planet through profit with purpose companies (social enterprises), non-government organizations or non-profit social service providers with earned-income models.
  2. Impact market builder of the year – honor for a government, policy think-tank or professional services company that pushes thought leadership in the impact sector or catalyses impact investment. The winnner must demonstrate acceptance through a few major clients from among capital providers, entrepreneurs and intermediaries. Exceptional individuals may be considered.


  • Winners will be flown to Santiago to receive the honors from Sir Ronald Cohen, founding Chair of the GSG.
  • GSG will reimburse return travel and accommodation expenses up to an agreed amount for both category winners.


  • GSG will work with its partner, Pioneers Post, to identify one person or organisation in each of the two categories outlined below, from around the world, who nominates himself/herself or is nominated by any member of the public.
  • These honors are available for an individual or an organisation.
  • Across all the four categories, the jury will look for catalytic action, courageous first movers, scaling of capital and impact, and building critical infrastructure (e.g. new institutions).

With the following criteria in mind, the jury will be looking for real pioneers who’ve left the security of day jobs, taken professional and sometimes personal risks to till the ground and move the impact investment sector forward:

  • The honor will be conferred upon either a profit with purpose company (i.e., a social enterprise) or a non-profit social service provider actively using impact investments, with over 2 years operation and USD 1 million in revenues/receipts, which demonstrates a scalable solution which truly innovates in technology, cost or impact, efficiency or effectiveness and sets new impact standards for research and development.
  • The honor will be conferred on a government, policy think-tank or a professional services company; for example, research, consulting, impact measurement, talent management, auditing, etc., or a policy think-tank with more than two years in operation, which pushes sectoral thinking or catalyzes our field development efforts.
  • Individuals with extraordinary contributions may also be considered.
  • It must demonstrate acceptance by sector players through a few marquee clients from amongst capital providers, entrepreneurs and intermediaries.


To submit a nomination, please click through on the links below. The deadline for submissions is 31 July.

Impact entrepreneur of the year

Impact market builder of the year 

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