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Green G – MachAmo (Lyrics)

Green G - Machamo (Lyrics)

Lyrics MachAmo de Green-G

My sweetie my baby, my lychie my chiny

my wonderfull lady

0zaKitoKO !


My chamoh*6

my beautyfull Chamoh, my wonderfull Chamoh

for Ever my chamOh

My shorty so beautiful

My chamoh my super model

I wanna be ur charming prince

But I will love u like a queen , i say

U be my number, I will love u like no other one

Look at ur tumba self u looking like kumba

Asuta abunka hakuna matata u be ma rota.

I take u to Dubai gbelleh want hola

Let’s go to Osaka we’ll party like Sarka My lib chamoh , my wonderful chamoh Together forever, forever and ever.



My Chamoh Ma PoDO Sa doKp0oO Plé lokPo,Dou Alok0oo ;les Jaloux vont maigrir, the negr0 Greengrren

va grossir! Sweet Lady please twerk some BoubouVi please show me some
get your groove on, get your drinks up what’s going,we got to move on, push the button
Baby Come 0n ! Sexy MamaCiTa , i swear to you, you the sweeter
tu me plais ,je t’appelle

tu m’incites je t’excites

tu m’évites je t’invite

tu m’implores je t’explore

tu me pêches je te shhhh

le plus tu jouis, le plus j’aime

la vie, le vice je le vis et je vis

sans rancune Greengreen.

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