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Funding Opportunity for Nordic-Russian Co-operation


Funding Opportunity for Nordic-Russian Co-operation

Deadline: 27 April 2020

The Open Call and Civil Society & Human Rights Initiative for Nordic- Russian co-operation provide a funding opportunity for co-operation and networking projects.

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The projects must involve partners from the Nordic countries and from seven regional areas in Northwest Russia. Both authorities, universities and civil society organizations etc. can participate in the projects, which include topics such as innovation, energy, environment, climate change, inclusion, human rights, social affairs, and indigenous peoples.


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The overall objective of the funding opportunities is to contribute to prosperous and peaceful development in the region by fostering close relationships and by Nordic and Russian partners working even more closely together, and to continue to engage Russia as an active partner in regional co-operation in the Baltic Sea and the Barents Sea areas.

There are two entries to this funding opportunity:

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The Open Call focuses on all projects of mutual Nordic and Russian interest anchored in co-operation and networking.
The Civil Society and Human Rights Initiative focuses on strengthening civil society within all relevant fields of society.
Geography, Partnership Criteria and Duration

The funding opportunities support co-operation between the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, including the self-governing areas Faroe Islands, Greenland, Åland Islands and seven regions of Northwest Russia: Arkhangelsk Oblast, Kaliningrad Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, Murmansk Oblast, Pskov Oblast, Republic of Karelia, St Petersburg City. The partnership must as a minimum consist of:
Minimum two partners from different Nordic countries,
Minimum one partner from one of the Northwest Russian regions
Eligible partners and participants are: local and regional authorities, civil society, educational institutions, think tanks and business organisations (not private commercial companies). Projects with a Nordic lead partner/administrating body will be favored.
Please note: A project should last up to 18 months. The starting date should as a rule be indicated not earlier than 1 October 2020. All applicants can expect an answer in July 2020. Successful applicants should expect a contract in September 2020.

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Funding Information

Eligible costs related to development of networks and exchange of experiences include:

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Travel and accommodation,
Seminars and conferences,
Translation costs and expert costs.
The maximum grant that can be applied for is 500.000 DKK per project.
NOTE! Non-eligible costs! The application must not be designed to help fund the regular activities, administration or projects of other organisations. Funding will not be given to infrastructure projects, e.g. for purchasing IT equipment or to cover construction costs.

Eligible Activities

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The funding opportunities provide support for projects that are of mutual interest and that strengthen and develop co-operation between the Nordic countries and Northwest Russia. The project activities should focus on and contribute to:

Launching new initiatives,
Building capacity and establishing/strengthening networks,
Ensuring exchange of experiences and best practices,
Communicate about its results to relevant target groups
Having a fair chance to be sustained also when funding from NCM has ended.
Selection Criteria

The Open Call focuses on all projects of mutual Nordic and Russian interest anchored in co-operation and networking and should:
Involve multiple regions in Northwest Russian and more than two Nordic countries,
Foster co-operation between local authorities and NGOs.
The Civil Society and Human Rights Initiative focuses on strengthening civil society within all relevant fields of society and:
Both small and bigger projects could be funded – 100.000DKK to 500.000DKK,
Aims at co-operation on improving human rights,
Involve multiple regions in Northwest Russian and more than two Nordic countries (for bigger projects),
Involve specific local activities (for small and medium-sized projects),
Foster co-operation between local authorities and NGOs.
For more information, visit

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