FAO-EU FLEGT Programme is now Accepting Project Proposals

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  • Africa: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon,  Ghana, Liberia,  Republic of the Congo
  • Asia: Indonesia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Malaysia, Thailand, Viet Nam
  • Americas: Guyana, Honduras


  • Cameroon
    • The monitoring of forest activities is strengthened – Identify, improve and promote existing tools and interfaces for collecting and sharing information on the forestry sector
    • Strengthen the collaboration and the synergies of action between the representatives of the various administrations, with regard to the report of infractions and the monitoring of forest-related litigations
    • Strengthen the information of local actors and the transparency of administrative monitoring procedures in the deployment of community forestry
  • Central African Republic
    • Progress in the legal and regulatory framework and strategic planning of community forestry
    • Support the accountability of actors and the transparency of transactions in the allocation and use of forest royalties for municipalities
    • Support the implementation of EUTR monitoring by competent authorities
    • Contribute to the formulation of forest policy
    • Strengthen aspects of forest management and governance in CAR’s contribution to the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Côte d’Ivoire
    • Support initiatives to improve transparency by all stakeholders
    • Support the formalization of the domestic market, and the structuring of the private sector
    • Support initiatives to combat deforestation and forest degradation in the cocoa sector
    • Encourage the implementation of reforestation
  • Congo
    • Support the implementation of the Legality Assurance System (LAS)
    • Improve the transparency of the forestry sector
    • Support the revision of the regulatory framework
    • Strengthen the involvement of all stakeholders in forest management
    • Support the private sector in its participation in the VPA process
    • Conduct studies as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the 2018-2022 plan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Improve the transparency of the forestry sector
    • Contribute to the coordination of actors and initiatives for the formulation of forest policy
    • Strengthen aspects of forest management and governance in the DRC’s contribution to the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Gabon
    • Support strengthening of local value added in the wood sector
    • Promote the legality of logging through the effective application of CITES
    • Establish practical communication interfaces allowing operational links with the competent authorities in charge of monitoring the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR)
    • Engage in reflection on the implementation of a national traceability system
  • Ghana
    • Private Sector Capacity Building to comply with Ghana LAS
    • Addressing bottlenecks in the domestic market for legal timber
  • Guyana
    • Strategic Task 3: GTLAS Developed and Operational
    • Strategic Task 4: Capacities of stakeholders developed to implement the VPA
    • Strategic Task 6: Stakeholder engagement, coordination, and outreach in place
    • Strategic Task 7: VPA-FLEGT connected and supported actions
  • Honduras
    • Specific objective 1: Develop the conditions and mechanisms for participation and follow-up for the implementation of the FLEGT VPA
    • Specific objective 2: Strengthening the inter-institutional coordination of the VPA, aimed at the implementation of plans and strategies
    • Specific objective 3: Support for the participation and strengthening of civil society and Indigenous and Afro-Honduran Peoples (PIAH) in the social audit for the application of the Legality Assurance System (SALH) to consolidate forest governance
    • Specific objective 4: Strengthening of capacities in the private forest sector, for the promotion of legality and development of the competitiveness of the forestry sector
    • Specific objective 5: Optimize administrative procedures and means of control and monitoring for verification
  • Indonesia
    • Strengthen the implementation of the SVLK, in particular activities that supports continued uptake of SVLK by Small and Medium Enterprises (including household industries)
    • Strengthen implementation of the SVLK through capacity building for local stakeholders especially the Independent Forest Monitoring function of the SVLK
    • Strengthen communication on SVLK and FLEGT VPA through:
  • Lao People’s Democratic Republic
    • The development of the Timber Legality Definition (TLD) and Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS)
    • Activities to support the implementation of new / revised regulations related to FLEGT
    • Promoting the participatory process and governance in the country
    • Engage stakeholders to conduct research, assessments and field testing related to VPA priorities
  • Liberia
    • Support to Forest Communities with a specific and justified focus on most vulnerable and at risk communities
    • Promoting transparency and good governance of VPA process
  • Malaysia
    • Further strengthening of MYTLAS, Sabah TLAS and Sarawak Timber Legality Verification System through:
      • participatory legal or regulatory framework development,
      • field tests and
      • technical reviews;
    • Support to public information processes
    • Awareness raising activities
    • Promotion and facilitation of TLAS implementation through:
      • improved linkages and synergies with Sustainable Forest Management and REDD+ initiatives, and
      • opportunities for harmonization with other relevant national initiatives/priorities in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Thailand
    • Support to the EU-Thai VPA negotiation process and stakeholder engagement
    • Promote awareness raising and better understanding of Thai Timber Legality and FLEGT
    • Engage stakeholders to conduct research, field testing, capacity building related to VPA priorities
    • Support ongoing reform, processes and systems that complement and support VPA priorities
    • Technical support to stakeholders on providing VPA annexes
  • Viet Nam
    • To support application of the key elements of VNTLAS
    • Activities to support capacity building on compliance with VNTLAS
    • Strengthen communication through:
      • Information and communication programs, including VPA-FLEGT forum events to raise awareness and obtain feedback from local stakeholders, and targeting the domestic market to reduce consumption of natural forest timber products etc.
    • To support the adoption of timber industry standards

Funding Information

Budget submission will be in local currency. Maximum budget per project should not exceed 110,000USD equivalent (in every country’s local currency).

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Eligibility criteria

In order to benefit from a Programme grant, the following general conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The applicant must be registered in an eligible country (see list of eligible countries above) where the project is implemented;
  • The proposal is realistic and feasible considering the proposed budget and time allocation (maximum 12 months and 110,000 USD equivalents);
  • The applicant must be a government institution, a civil society organization, an organization/federation of the private sector  or an indigenous and/or tribal group;
  • The proposal must identify a national priority as listed above;
  • The proposal is complete and follows the required format;
  • All actions should take place in the country/ies where the applicant is based and/or directly operates. Applicant must also be actively involved in all stages of implementation.

How to Apply

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Proposals are written in English, French or Spanish. They should be submitted by email at the address given on the website.

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For more information, please visit http://www.fao.org/in-action/eu-fao-flegt-programme/available-assistance/2019-call-for-proposals/en/

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