City of Mukilteo announces Community Support Grant – United States

City of Mukilteo announces Community Support Grant – United States

Deadline: 16-Nov-20

The City of Mukilteo is seeking applications for its Community Support Grant program to support projects that promote community-based organizations within the City.

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Funding is awarded to groups who promote economic development with special events and other activities that enhance the general well-being of the community.

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Eligibility Criteria

They welcome applications from public, private, and non-profit entities with the demonstrated capacity to accomplish their proposed projects.
This includes registered non-profit agencies such as volunteer groups, neighbourhood groups, educational organizations, public agencies, and the Chamber of Commerce. With limited exceptions, organizations must be based in Mukilteo.
Those organizations not based within City limits must demonstrate, to the City’s satisfaction, the benefits and necessity of the service provided to the community of Mukilteo.
Application Requirement

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Reimbursement: Project proponents must understand that the City’s support for funded projects is provided on a reimbursement basis, i.e., no funds can be advanced in support of a project. Sponsors must first incur costs and then bill the City for reimbursement under contract guidelines.
Contract: Each project selected for funding will be required to enter into a contractual agreement with the City. The contract will cover such areas as the definition of the project goals, definition of eligible costs, specification of payment procedures, limits of City liability, and other usual and customary requirements.
Monitoring and Reporting: As a contractual condition, each funded project will be monitored for progress and consistency with original goals. City staff will be available for questions and assistance as needed throughout the process. The sponsor will be required to submit a final report at the end of the project. If you received a grant last year, you must have submitted all of your final reports to be considered this year.
Contact person: Each project proponent will designate a primary individual as the contact for the project. During the life of a funded project, this individual will be the principal representative in dealings with the City.
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