Action Contre la Faim recruits 01 Consultant

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Action Contre la Faim recruits 01 Consultant for Start Fund Bangladesh Midterm Evaluation

DescriptionThe Start Fund Bangladesh (2017-2020) is a £10 million rapid emergency response fund set up by the Start Network with support from UK aid and hosted by ACF Bangladesh. Modelled on the successful Start Fund that activates funding within 72 hours of a crisis alert, the fund has been setup to be accessible to both national and international member NGOs operating in Bangladesh to respond early and fast to under the radar emergencies in Bangladesh.These decisions are made by humanitarian actors within member agencies with all projects selected within the country or region of the crisis, while projects start within 7 days and finish within 45 days. As such, the expected impact and outcome of Start Fund Bangladesh is that “Loss of lives, livelihoods and dignity are minimised”, given that the “Humanitarian responses are rapid, informed and adapted to the need of the affected communities” respectively. These are expected to be achieved as a result of the following outputs.
  • Establish a national civil society owned fund that is i) open and inclusive; ii) governed by evidence based, transparent and neutral decision making iii) rapid and iv) anticipatory
  • Expand the number of local members (actors and agencies) that can participate in strategic decision making and access funding more directly
  • Demonstrate the value and complement existing humanitarian preparedness and response to promote greater collaboration

As of Aug 2019, Start Fund Bangladesh has been among the first responders to address 14 small/medium emergencies, reaching around 0.3 million people with cash, hygiene materials, hygiene promotion and other supports2 through awarding more than £3.4 million to 14 of its member agencies and their partners. To further localize the Fund currently all allocation and project selection decisions are made in-country. In addition, an intensive due diligence and capacity mapping has been completed, that resulted to the inclusion of 26 N/LNGOs as Start Fund Bangladesh members along with its existing 18 I/N NGO members that are eligible to access an make decisions regarding the funding mechanism. The Start Fund Bangladesh is currently planning to conduct an independent evaluation servin both accountability and learning purpose through assessing the progress and evaluating strategies, identifying major achievements, niche/ value addition and lessons learnt from the national funding model within the evolving humanitarian context in Bangladesh and exploring strategies to adapt with it.

Objective of the work:

In particular, the evaluation shall assess and rate the success of the project’s implementation and draw lessons to provide strategic direction based on the following key questions.

  1. Relevance/ Appropriateness: are the activities, strategies and outputs consistent with the intended impacts and effects, and the attainment of the overall goal and objectives? To what extent are the objectives still valid?
  2. Effectiveness: To what extent were the objectives achieved / are likely to be achieved? What were the major factors influencing the achievement or non-achievement of the objectives
  3. Efficiency: Were inputs utilized as planned, activities cost-efficient and objectives achieved on time? Is there a potential for optimization (e.g. concerning planning) of the resources in the
    most efficient way?
  4. Impact: What real difference has the activities made to the target groups? What hashappened as a result?
  5. Connectedness/ Sustainability: To what extent were local capacities developed or strengthened through the interventions?
  6. Coherence: How was coordination (coherence) achieved, and/or why was there a lack in coherence?
  7. Coverage: Were the supports aligned to regionally different needs? What were the main reasons for certain target groups having received support?

Please see the full TOR attached for more details

Expériences / Formation du candidatThe consultant (or consulting firm) we are looking for preferably meets the following competencies:
  • At least 7 years of proven experience of facilitating similar review exercises, impact assessments, evaluation, research, survey design etc. that involves diverse stakeholders utilizing both quantitative and qualitative methods especially for DFID funded projects
  • Understanding of the humanitarian system and architecture especially in Bangladesh, response and recovery (e.g. cash based interventions) as well as recent developments that have arisen after the Grand Bargain, Charter for Change commitments etc. to address the underlying requirements for localization of humanitarian aid agenda and equitable partnerships with local and national NGOs.
  • Academic degree in Disaster Management, Social Sciences, Business Administration, Organizational Development, Research, Project Evaluation or other relevant technical areas.
  • Excellent analytical, report writing and presentation skills.
  • Willingness and capacity to be flexible and accommodating when faced with difficult and frustrating working conditions
  • Fluency in written and spoken English, while fluency Bengali communication skills will be an added advantage
Experience5 à 10 ans
FonctionsGestion de projets/programmes, Plaidoyer et Recherches
Secteurs d’activitéAlimentation / Nutrition, Gestion crise / post-crise, Développement économique et local
PaysAsie, Bangladesh
Comment postulerPlease send your references or any demande of clarifications to the following address:
Date de fin de validité30/09/2019

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